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Social Media in Regulated Industries

Presentation to the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy

November 9, 2013

With the continued popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a host video and photo sharing sites, social media is no longer a new frontier. But for many individuals and organizations, social networking brings new opportunities, challenges and risks to the workplace every day. This presentation examines the rapid evolution of social media and considers the very…more

Communicating for the C-Suite

Presentation to the International Association of Business Communicators Southeast Mini-Conference

October 2013

Communicating for the C-suite can be challenging. Corner offices tend to be populated by strong minded, fast thinking, hard driving professionals who don’t have a lot of time for rewrites or coming up with just the right word. This presentation helped professional communicators look at the needs, priorities and quirks of CEOs, CFOs, COOs, GCs and VPs of IR.

Words Matter

Presentation to regional and corporate healthcare development and operations professionals

September 2013

From the board room to the physicians’ lounge to the patient waiting area, healthcare executives speak to and interact with widely varying stakeholder groups on a daily basis. While it may be okay to talk about outcomes, CBCs and HCAHPS with some audiences, other groups need to see and hear warmth in your words while others need straightforward, bottom line discussion. This 70-minute presentation…more

The Role of the Hospital Board Member in the Community

Quorum Health Resources

February 14, 2012

This one-hour webinar examined the many responsibilities that hospital board members have as they work to advance the mission of their organization: hospital ambassador, public health advocate, physician recruiter, and most importantly, two-way conduit between the hospital and the community it serves.

Social Networking and Regulatory Boards

Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards

January 27, 2012

As social media becomes increasingly omnipresent, the implications for businesses and operators in regulated industries increase as well. This session at the Annual Conference of the Federation of Associations of Regulatory Bodies examined how social media is used not only by consumers, providers and regulators, but by investigators and plaintiffs’ attorneys as well.

Social Media and the Implications of Social Networking

Federation of State Medical Boards

November 6, 2011

Physicians are now adopting social media – both personally and professionally – at a faster rate than the general public. The opportunities for marketing benefit and patient engagement are clear – but so are the legal, ethical and professional risks.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet (Is that really the question?)

Presentation to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

May 24, 2011

90-minute presentation to that national professional organization that supports our country’s state boards of pharmacy in protecting public health. NABP’s member boards of pharmacy include all 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, eight Canadian provinces, and New Zealand.

Understanding the Media

Presentation to Quorum Health Resources Regional Vice Presidents’ Meeting

February 10, 2011

Understanding how reporters work and what motivates them is more than half the preparation required for having productive interaction – and positive outcomes – with the media.

Communication in a New World

Presentation to the Modern Healthcare Best Places to Work Conference

October 18, 2010

Ms. Plorin shared funny, timely and provocative examples of corporate social media nightmares, including how even well-intentioned employees can accidentally cause social nightmares. Attendees learned how social media “happens” even if your hospital or organization isn’t on Facebook or YouTube. She shared the essentials of a good social media policy and best practices from those doing it right.

Social Media Marketing in Healthcare and the Life Sciences

American Bar Association

April 27, 2010

In this timely and relevant presentation, Rosemary Plorin moderates a discussion among leading healthcare, regulatory and intellectual property attorneys as part of an ABA continuing education program.

Cultivating Powerful Partnerships

Tennessee Association of Services and Homes for the Aging

March 22, 2010

As part of an annual TNAHSA legislative briefing, Rosemary Plorin discusses how skilled nursing facilities and other healthcare providers can leverage relationships with community influencers to help navigate challenging times.

Internal Communications in the Age of Social Media

Presentation to the Nashville Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America

November 24, 2009

In the age of social media and instant communications, ANY employee – from the front line to the executive suite – can become an immediate nightmare. Rosemary Plorin highlights a few disasters that caught the attention of national media and Wall Street analysts, and shares best practices to help other companies avoid the pitfalls.

Managing the Media Spotlight

Master Class for the Health Law Division of the American Bar Association

September 14, 2009

Rosemary Plorin and leading healthcare attorney Mark Goldstone discuss how mutual respect and cooperation between legal and PR counsel can make for the most productive outcomes when a healthcare suit becomes public.

How to Communicate When the News Is Not Good

Presentation to the Quorum Health Resources Annual Trustee Conference

February 3, 2009

Crisis Communications professional Rosemary Plorin helps hospital trustees understand that cultivating and maintaining positive relationships with members of the media is the best preparation for managing a negative news event.

A Course in Crisis Communications for Healthcare Attorneys

American Health Lawyers Association

January 20, 2009

Rosemary Plorin and leading healthcare attorney Mark Goldstone discuss how mutual respect and cooperation between legal and PR counsel can make for the most productive outcomes when a healthcare suit becomes public.

The Ups & Downs of Working with the Media

Presentation to the Annual Meeting of the Tennessee Association of Homes and Services for the Aging

April 29, 2008

Perhaps more than most businesses, healthcare providers experience ups and downs in the course of caring for the community. The best preparation for managing “bad” news is developing strong relationships with the media when times are “good.”

Crafting the Right Messages in Preparation for HCAHPS

Webinar for the Federation of American Hospitals

March 31, 2008

Transparency in healthcare not only increases the likelihood of questions from consumers, but also opens the door to questions from reporters, campaigns from advocacy groups, attacks from organized labor. Hospitals need to know how to discuss core measure and HCAHPS scores in everyday language – whether the data is good or not.

Immediate Jeopardy: Communicating and Recovering from Negative Regulatory Reports

Presentation to the Tennessee Association of Homes and Services for the Aging

July 24, 2007

Responding to a negative survey can be consuming for a hospital or nursing home, and mis-managed public disclosure can cause additional reputational damage. Even as a facility is executing its Root Cause Analysis and preparing a Plan of Correction, administrators must consider how to communicate the news to internal and external stakeholders.

Understanding Your Hospital’s Presence on the Internet

Presentation to the Community Health Systems National Marketing Directors Meeting

October 19, 2006

Managing a good website is only a small slice of the Internet reputation pie. Understand how healthcare regulators, consumer advocates, competitors and labor organizations may be impacting your brand and your industry on the web.

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